Identifying Typical Signs & Symptoms of Qi Disturbance in Young Children

29 Apr 2011

Tweet What Type is Your Child?   The Five Phase Types illuminate each person’s intrinsic identity along with his or her predispositions, weaknesses and strengths, characteristic states of mind and body, as well as patterns of health and illness. Being aware of your young child’s Phase Type is helpful when seeking treatments with Acupuncture. If you are unsure ask your Acupuncturist, Mr. Herns.   Wood Type: Irritable, impulsive, volatile Explosive temper tantrums Must recover independently or be diverted Easily frustrated Muscle tension/spasms, accident prone, hurries Intense reaction to pain Intestinal cramps, headache, earache, toothache Restless, difficult to console or calm down Fire Type: Excitable, nervous, anxious, easily startled Fears being.

Acupuncture & Alternative Health Blog is Live!

06 Apr 2011

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