Cupping: Taking a Preventative Approach

13 Dec 2011

Tweet Whether it’s applying deep Chinese massage to an aching back or adjusting the temperature of a patient’s drinking water, Marc Herns takes a holistic approach to Acupuncture.   “Chinese medicine looks at the whole body and we look at preventing illness in the first place, whereas western medicine will treat the symptoms after you get sick,” said Herns. “But it’s important to note that the two cultures can complement each other.”   At his Lake Jackson, Texas clinic, Acupuncture & Alternative Health, Herns offers many treatments including acupuncture and cupping. Using various sizes of glass “cups,” cupping involves creating a vacuum over various parts of the body for therapeutic.

Low Vitamin D associated with Type 2 Diabetes

07 Dec 2011

Tweet  Next month, January 2012, a prestigious medical journal will publish a study concluding low vitamin D levels are significantly more common in obese children and that these low levels increases their risk for type 2 diabetes.   This study will be published in The Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (JCEM).   Previous research has shown that low vitamin D levels are associated with cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes in adults.  That children, especially obese children, are affected should not be a surprise.   “Although our study cannot prove causation, it does suggest that low vitamin D levels may play a role in the development of.

Rose Hips Prized for High Vitamin C Content, Anti-Inflammatory Properties

07 Dec 2011

Tweet Despite sounding like an anatomical structure, the term rose hips actually refers to the seed pods of roses. All rose species bear these, but becuase most rose bushes are trimmed and pruned we rarely see them today. Normally, species of the Rosa Canina family will form these small, berry-sized, reddish seed balls after petals fall in late summer.   The seed pods, harvested in the late fall, are prized for their medicinal properties and widely cultivated for their usefulness. According to the ancient literature, the Chinese, Persians, Romans, and Greeks all used the rose seed pod for a variety of purposes and sometimes called it a “hip” or a.

Filmmaker Tristan Stoch Filming Acupuncture Clinic in Nepal

05 Dec 2011

Tweet   Tristan Stoch, 21, is now in a Buddhist monastery filming a health clinic run by the Acupuncture Relief Project, or ARP.   ARP is a free community acupuncture clinic that travels to countries that have been impacted by poverty, conflict or disaster, according to the group’s website,   Its primary clinic is located in Chapagaon, Nepal.   In a letter to Force, Stoch said he wanted to show the potential ARP’s model has for primary care in the Third World, to expose caregivers from the health care community to the work that ARP is doing in Nepal and to attract future volunteers and expand ARP’s work to.

Acupuncture Facelifts?

01 Dec 2011

Tweet How Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture can help you Mirror, Mirror on the wall, can Acupuncture help my face not fall?  Even if you are the type of person that has regularly sought out alternative medicine for your health concerns, it may be a surprise to learn that acupuncture is being used (and has been used for centuries) to give your vanity a lift too! Due to a greater interest in alternative forms of therapy for health improvement, people today are living longer than before and are expected to live more healthfully beyond the age of 70. Men and women not only want to be healthier and have more energy, but want.

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