Acupuncture Helped Me Conceive After Fertility Issues

29 Feb 2012

Tweet I saw this story in today’s online news and figured I would share. Many of our patients at Acupuncture & Alternative Health being treated for infertility have similar stories of inspiration for families trying to conceive… – Marc Herns   WEATHER presenter Clare Nasir believes that acupuncture helped her finally conceive after battling with fertility problems. “In my early 30s I was a career girl through and through and thought I’d just have children, pop them in nursery while I worked and my life would just sail on,” she said. “I think it’s an understatement to say it didn’t quite work out like that.” Diagnosed in 2000 with multiple.

Plushenko Injury Treatable Without Surgery

28 Feb 2012

Tweet   Evgeny Plushenko’s back injury does not require surgery and can be treated with physiotherapy and acupuncture, a doctor for the European skating champion told RIA Novosti on Tuesday.   After winning gold at the championships in Sheffield, England, earlier this month, Plushenko underwent surgery on his left knee in Munich, Germany.   He had anticipated needing to go under the knife again for a hernia that had been found in his spine, but Tweeted ecstatically on Monday that an operation wouldn’t be required.   “The injury will be treated with non-invasive methods: injections into the muscles, physiotherapy, acupuncture,” Russian skating team doctor Yaroslav Bugaev said Tuesday, adding the.

Yes, Fibromyalgia Can Be Treated with Acupuncture

27 Feb 2012

Tweet About 2 percent of the population in this country suffers from fibromyalgia.   It is difficult for conventional Western medicine to diagnose fibromyalgia. There are no lab tests or X-rays to diagnose it.   Fibromyalgia is similar to chronic fatigue syndrome in that it is a collection of symptoms. If a patient exhibits enough of the standard fibromyalgia symptoms, then she/he is diagnosed with fibromyalgia.   Fibromyalgia means “pain of the muscle fiber.” The most characteristic symptom is a high level of muscle pain. Other symptoms include exhaustion or overwhelming fatigue, sleep disorder and very stiff muscles, especially upon awakening.   Fibromyalgia patients often have depression, anxiety, headaches, and.

Acupuncture Causes Brain Repair After Stroke

19 Feb 2012

Tweet New research examines the role of acupuncture in nerve regeneration of the brain following a stroke due to cerebral ischemia – a condition due to restricted blood flow to the brain. The research cites the ability of acupuncture to “promote the proliferation and differentiation of neural stem cells in the brain… accelerate angiogenesis and inhibit apoptosis.” The researchers note that the Conception Vessel (CV, Ren channel) and Governing Vessel (GV, Du channel) are effective acupuncture meridians to “prevent and treat neural injuries following cerebral ischemia.” Recent studies demonstrate that neural stem cells (NSCs) in the brain have the “ability of self-duplication, self regeneration and continuous differentiation into neuron and.

Happy Valentine’s Day 2012!

14 Feb 2012


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