Seeing the body: a new mechanism for acupuncture analgesia?

29 Jun 2013

The use of visual illusions to study how the brain gives rise to a representation of the body has produced surprising results, particularly in relation to modulation of pain. It seems likely that this research has relevance to how we understand acupunc...

Acupuncture for primary hyperhidrosis: case series

21 Jun 2013

Three cases of primary hyperhidrosis of no known cause, with excess sweating day and night, were treated using the same acupuncture points. The patients reported that their sweating decreased and that they felt better after the treatment.

Teaching acupuncture to medical students: the experience of Rio Preto Medical School (FAMERP), Brazil

21 Jun 2013

Complementary and alternative medicine, and in particular acupuncture, has been practised and taught in recent years in many universities in the Western world. Here, we relate our experiences since 1997 in teaching acupuncture to medical students at Ri...

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