Acupuncture-Enhanced Treatment Performs Better Than Standard Therapies Alone

30 Jan 2012

Tweet   Original Article Courtesy of Good Housekeeping, February   If the idea of being poked with needles sounds less than appealing, acupuncture may not be for you. But according to Good Housekeeping, new research shows that the needles help with pain relief in some cases. “German studies have shown that something is definitely going on, neurologically speaking, when acupuncture needles are in place: In a series of imaging experiments involving short electric zaps to the ankle, researchers found that when acupuncture needles were inserted before the zap, the pain centers in volunteers’ brains were significantly calmer.”   The same study also compared the pain relief when acupuncture supplemented doctor-prescribed.

Acupuncture May Boost In-Vitro Fertilization Success

22 Jan 2012

Tweet Acupuncture may help some women conceive through in-vitro fertilization, according to a new analysis on past studies, however the true benefit remains unclear. Acupuncture is the traditional Chinese medicinal needle treatment for a range of health problems. Ten years ago, German researchers reported that acupuncture seemed to improve pregnancy rates in women undergoing IVF, but since then research on the topic has shown conflicting results. German studies have also showed in a series of imaging experiments that pain centers in participants’ brains were significantly calmer after researchers applied a few short electrical zaps to acupuncture needles that were pinned to the skin on their ankles. In the new meta-analysis,.

Teaming Traditional Chinese Medicine & New Fertility Treatments to Increase Pregnancy Rates

19 Jan 2012

Tweet A recent study shows that using Chinese herbs and acupuncture with intrauterine insemination (IUI), a common fertility treatment, increases the number of pregnancies and births.   This study was conducted at Tel Aviv Medical Center’s Fertility Research Institute, where they treated one group of women with infertility using IUI alone and another group with a combination of IUI and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), specifically acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Among the 29 women in the IUI plus TCM group, 65.5% conceived and 41.4% delivered healthy infants, while in the control group, only 39.4% conceived and 26.9% delivered healthy babies.   This research follows a recent study from Adelaide University.

Stop Smoking in 2012 – Smoking Cessation

14 Jan 2012

Tweet Auricular acupuncture (needles in the ear) helps to control cravings. It’s not a magic bullet, but if someone has the desire to quit, acupuncture is an amazing tool. It’s generally a weaning process. With each visit you have less desire and your body is detoxing. Acupuncturist Marc Herns recommends that people do six treatments over the course of three weeks, and notes that most people have no pain or discomfort and that many experience “a feeling of incredible calmness and peace.”   Sessions cost $65 for a one hour treatment.   Stopping smoking is a process. Acupuncture can help in that process – help people through the withdrawals.  .

De-Stress with Heaven Sent Massage

02 Jan 2012

Tweet Stress is everywhere! In small doses it is good for you. When you have to handle something unexpected and are challenged to work faster, smarter and more creatively, you feel stress as a powerful burst of energy. But there’s a difference between stress and challenge.   “A workplace challenge puts a demand on you that temporarily goes beyond the routine level for your job,” says Laurence Shatkin and the editors at JIST in the book 150 Best Low-Stress Jobs.   Meeting a challenge may require you to think harder, exert more physical strength, show more patience, put in extra hours, pay more attention to details and face more competition,.

Happy New Year 2012 from Acupuncture & Alternative Health!

01 Jan 2012

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