Auricular acupuncture (needles in the ear) helps to control cravings. It’s not a magic bullet, but if someone has the desire to quit, acupuncture is an amazing tool. It’s generally a weaning process. With each visit you have less desire and your body is detoxing. Acupuncturist Marc Herns recommends that people do six treatments over the course of three weeks, and notes that most people have no pain or discomfort and that many experience “a feeling of incredible calmness and peace.”
Sessions cost $65 for a one hour treatment.
Stopping smoking is a process. Acupuncture can help in that process – help people through the withdrawals.
Mr. Herns individualizes his one-hour treatments which involve needles in various points all over the body’s Qi meridians, based on what the client’s goals and needs are. “It’s always a matter of working with the bigger picture,” he said. For those trying to stop smoking, he suggests trying as many methods as possible.