Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Protect Liver

03 Mar 2012
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Tweet New research demonstrates that acupuncture combined with oral curcumin intake provides significant protection against hepatic fibrosis. Researchers examined the efficacy of curcumin and acupuncture both separately and combined for their ability to prevent liver fibrosis. The researchers discovered a synergistic effect when curcumin and acupuncture are combined. In the study, histological and pathological findings for hepatic disturbances and fibrosis were measured. The controlled randomized clinical trial was performed on rats. There were several study groups: control, model, sham acupuncture, verum acupuncture, curcumin and the combination group. Acupuncture was applied to Liv3 (Taichong, Great Rushing), Liv14 (Qimen, Cycle Gate), UB18 (Ganshu, Liver Shu) and St36 (Zusanli, Leg Three Miles). Curcumin.

Yes, Fibromyalgia Can Be Treated with Acupuncture

27 Feb 2012
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Tweet About 2 percent of the population in this country suffers from fibromyalgia.   It is difficult for conventional Western medicine to diagnose fibromyalgia. There are no lab tests or X-rays to diagnose it.   Fibromyalgia is similar to chronic fatigue syndrome in that it is a collection of symptoms. If a patient exhibits enough of the standard fibromyalgia symptoms, then she/he is diagnosed with fibromyalgia.   Fibromyalgia means “pain of the muscle fiber.” The most characteristic symptom is a high level of muscle pain. Other symptoms include exhaustion or overwhelming fatigue, sleep disorder and very stiff muscles, especially upon awakening.   Fibromyalgia patients often have depression, anxiety, headaches, and.

Acupuncture Causes Brain Repair After Stroke

19 Feb 2012
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Tweet New research examines the role of acupuncture in nerve regeneration of the brain following a stroke due to cerebral ischemia – a condition due to restricted blood flow to the brain. The research cites the ability of acupuncture to “promote the proliferation and differentiation of neural stem cells in the brain… accelerate angiogenesis and inhibit apoptosis.” The researchers note that the Conception Vessel (CV, Ren channel) and Governing Vessel (GV, Du channel) are effective acupuncture meridians to “prevent and treat neural injuries following cerebral ischemia.” Recent studies demonstrate that neural stem cells (NSCs) in the brain have the “ability of self-duplication, self regeneration and continuous differentiation into neuron and.

Stop Smoking in 2012 – Smoking Cessation

14 Jan 2012
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Tweet Auricular acupuncture (needles in the ear) helps to control cravings. It’s not a magic bullet, but if someone has the desire to quit, acupuncture is an amazing tool. It’s generally a weaning process. With each visit you have less desire and your body is detoxing. Acupuncturist Marc Herns recommends that people do six treatments over the course of three weeks, and notes that most people have no pain or discomfort and that many experience “a feeling of incredible calmness and peace.”   Sessions cost $65 for a one hour treatment.   Stopping smoking is a process. Acupuncture can help in that process – help people through the withdrawals.  .

De-Stress with Heaven Sent Massage

02 Jan 2012
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Tweet Stress is everywhere! In small doses it is good for you. When you have to handle something unexpected and are challenged to work faster, smarter and more creatively, you feel stress as a powerful burst of energy. But there’s a difference between stress and challenge.   “A workplace challenge puts a demand on you that temporarily goes beyond the routine level for your job,” says Laurence Shatkin and the editors at JIST in the book 150 Best Low-Stress Jobs.   Meeting a challenge may require you to think harder, exert more physical strength, show more patience, put in extra hours, pay more attention to details and face more competition,.

Rose Hips Prized for High Vitamin C Content, Anti-Inflammatory Properties

07 Dec 2011
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Tweet Despite sounding like an anatomical structure, the term rose hips actually refers to the seed pods of roses. All rose species bear these, but becuase most rose bushes are trimmed and pruned we rarely see them today. Normally, species of the Rosa Canina family will form these small, berry-sized, reddish seed balls after petals fall in late summer.   The seed pods, harvested in the late fall, are prized for their medicinal properties and widely cultivated for their usefulness. According to the ancient literature, the Chinese, Persians, Romans, and Greeks all used the rose seed pod for a variety of purposes and sometimes called it a “hip” or a.

Acupuncture Facelifts?

01 Dec 2011
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Tweet How Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture can help you Mirror, Mirror on the wall, can Acupuncture help my face not fall?  Even if you are the type of person that has regularly sought out alternative medicine for your health concerns, it may be a surprise to learn that acupuncture is being used (and has been used for centuries) to give your vanity a lift too! Due to a greater interest in alternative forms of therapy for health improvement, people today are living longer than before and are expected to live more healthfully beyond the age of 70. Men and women not only want to be healthier and have more energy, but want.

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