According to the definition of the International Headache Society, burning mouth syndrome (BMS) is an intraoral burning sensation for which no dental or medical cause could be identified.1 Recently, various authors suggested that acupuncture might be effective in patients with BMS.2–4 In ancient acupuncture texts, it was stated that ‘the Spleen opens in the mouth and the Heart in the tongue’, so the organs Spleen and Heart are traditionally involved in BMS. Spleen and Heart are also the organs that are most involved in depression, hence the traditional connection between BMS and depression, stress and anxiety.5

The aim of this study was to evaluate whether laser acupuncture was effective in patients with burning mouth syndrome, as no satisfactory treatments for this condition are available and patients with the condition may experience substantial disturbance to everyday life.

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Article Courtesy of Acupuncture in Medicine

V Brailo, A Bosnjak, V Vucicevic Boras, A Kvesic Jurisic, I Pelivan, S Kraljevic-Simunkovic