It is our duty as doctors to explore every treatment option in order to assist patients both physically and psychologically (p xv)

This comprehensive and scholarly book is the latest of several impressive tomes from Donica Publishing, a small Anglo-Chinese firm that specialises in the production of quality Chinese Medicine (CM) texts suited to Western readers. Dr Shen comes from a family of four earlier generations of CM practitioners and has been a professor at the Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine hospital for over 30 years. He has written more than 10 books on immunology and other aspects of CM, of which this is the first to be translated into English.

Many practitioners of ‘Western medical’ (WM) acupuncture might initially dismiss the book as irrelevant to their everyday practice, its content too richly herbal, its language too ‘traditional’ for easy digestion. But they would be mistaken. The book contains a wealth of knowledge… Click here to read original article content.

Article Courtesy of Acupuncture in Medicine Shen P’ian. Published by Donica Publishing, Barnet, 2012, 750 + xxiii pp. £69.00 (hardback). ISBN: 9781901149098.