Dr Daniel Keown trained at Manchester University, qualifying in 1998, and has also studied traditional Chinese acupuncture at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading (part of Kingston University) and in China.

Currently, Dr Keown combines working in accident and emergency medicine and has an acupuncture clinic in Tonbridge Wells. He dedicates his book ‘To my father—a great surgeon and a good man’.

In the forward to the book, Dr Keown explains how while studying in China with Dr Wang Ju-Yi, ‘one of the most respected acupuncturists in the world’ who has spent ‘70 years thinking deeply about the mysteries of Acupuncture and the body’, he realised that Dr Wang’s ‘deep understanding of Acupuncture shared much with embryological science’. ‘Dr Ju-Yi understood it was the spaces in the body where Acupuncture acted’, when he asked his teacher if he was aware of the parallels between embryology and Chinese acupuncture channels he… Click here to read original article content.

Article Courtesy of Acupuncture in Medicine Daniel Keown. Published by Original Medical Publishing, 2013, 356 pp. £2.02 (Kindle). ASIN: B009ETBEA8.